The Last Man Standing

The Last Man Standing
WPP 2015 - Week 44 - Flowers Plants

Weekly Photo Project 2015 curated by Alen Ianni , Bernhard Rembold , Cliff Loresco , Francesco Scaglioni , Heather D ,  Ken Fowkes ,  Navin Upendran  , Robyn King and T.E. Smith



The Morton Bay Fig on the end of Stingray Point, Mandurah, is the last significant piece of vegetation in that area, the rest being taken over by high density luxury units and a 5 star hotel. Fortunately, it is listed as a Significant Tree, and is protected. It is also a very popular spot for weddings and wedding photos.


  1. Grand image that works so well for the theme :)

  2. What a magnificent tree! I really like how the tonal harmony in this balances with the subject and ties it all together.


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