Thanks to Swancon Alicia Smith and I saw "The Wolverine" in 3D last night.

Thanks to Swancon Alicia Smith and I saw "The Wolverine" in 3D last night.

And were disappointed.

Now don't get me wrong, Hugh Jackman was great, Fukushima Rila and Okamoto Tao were great, Svetlana Khodchenkova was wonderfully psychotic, and Sanada Hiroyuki was wonderfully flawed.


The movie was only OK. The plot dragged too long in the wrong places, the fight scenes were blurry and confused (unlike the fight scenes in Pacific Rim), and it lacked any really memorable lines (again unlike Pacific Rim, which was swimming in them).

On the up side, there is plenty of eye-candy for everyone (male, female, mecha...), but it is not enough to save the movie as a whole.

If you have to choose, see Pacific Rim instead.

3/5 and a flat Fanta spider with a pretty paper umbrella stuck in it when you were expecting dry ginger ale and fresh lime on the Sid and Nancy scale.

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  1. I was glad to have my 2D from 3D glasses, it was a relief from some of the jerky fight scenes.

  2. Jeremy Byrne  I don't recall where we got them, it might have been from here: but they're around. They work as advertised. Quite a relief to be able to opt out of 3D at any time without missing the movie.

  3. Jeremy Byrne we got them from directly. Enjoy!

  4. Alicia Smith Thanks! Rob Masters Awesome. Their FAQ page explainsthat they're just 3D glasses with the lenses swapped, so I've made a couple of pairs myself. Look forward to trying them!

  5. not unexpected whenever the xmen are taken out of urban america they seem to lose the xfactor

  6. I dunno, the movie just seemed to lose impetus about 3/4 of the way through.


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