Tab sums it up pretty well - pretty shitty.

Tab sums it up pretty well - pretty shitty.

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Really, that's pretty shitty!


  1. OF course it's shitty but how is that different from any person being ripped off it doesn't just happen to females all of science history is filled with someone ripping off someone else taking the credit for someone else's work.
    I bet it's happening to someone right now a techie or a junior person somewhere discovers something and the boss or a colleague takes the credit.
    The challenge for modern science now is credit people where credit is due
    eliminate the fraudsters and credit the people who did the work.
    If the historical record is wrong change it.
    you won't get rid of centuries of discrimination unless the changes are made.

  2. even these days you are probably right.
    All I'm saying If the historical record is proven to be factually  wrong it should be changed to give credit where credit is due.

    I've had people take credit or pretend they have done my work just to get a sale and not all of them were men. it's very annoying.


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