Torn between here and the gags collection for this one.

Torn between here and the gags collection for this one.

The usual advice does not apply. Read the comments!

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  1. The 4th one is total mom jeans!

  2. There was a short story, I think from the 80s, where a tailor in London was recruited to make a formal suit for an alien diplomat who was about to be presented to the Queen. The diplomat was centaur shaped and the subject was used for the cover illustration - a centaur in a grey suit with a light blue sash. The result was like the lower left image but with an extension along the back and flanks.
    And I was mis-remembering it. It is definitely the lower right all four legs option.
    Custom Fitting by James White :

  3. Obligatory mention of A Centaur’s Life manga/anime is Obligatory here.

    Bottom right basically, with adjustable tail hole for off the shelf. 😄


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