Feathertop - Tolpuddle Goat Cheese and Farm Foods.

Feathertop - Tolpuddle Goat Cheese and Farm Foods.

This is a soft-rind cheese - with a thin layer of creamy matured paste between the rind and the core. The layer of citrus ash is an unusual inclusion, and is claimed to add a smokey infusion through the cheese.

I was not so sure about that, but the cheese is still excellent, and was unexpectedly versatile - it went well with both nashis and the Regan's Ridge marinated olives (from W.A. - http://www.regansridge.com.au/organic-table-olives/ ). It has a distinctive goatiness about it, while the cream paste layer adds a tone of mature camembert. Thoroughly delicious.

Tolpuddle's cheeses so far have been very creative, and this is another example of their inventiveness.

A different approach to a goat cheese, and worth looking out for in the area.

Tolpuddle cheese are only available via limited regional retailers, farmers' markets, and by mail-order within Victoria.


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