Cambray Blackwood Blue Sheep's cheese.

Cambray Blackwood Blue Sheep's cheese.

Cambray's Blackwood Blue is another fine example of just how different blue cheeses can be. This is far removed from the foil-wrapped Danblu of old. This is a rich and firm matured cheese, with a wonderful nuttiness, and distinct sheep tang. And then, through this solid and excellent cheese are veins of blue, adding a sharp bite to the flavours, but without the metallic tones found in the everpresent Danblu.

A bit on the firm side for crumbling into salads, you could cube it for the same purpose. It is wonderful with fresh pears, and with plum leather. You could also use it as a garnish for a lamb shank, which I suspect would be a divine combination.

Cambray cheeses are available in the Perth Metro area, and in select locations in the SW.


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