Buffalo Halloumi - Olympus Cheese

Buffalo Halloumi - Olympus Cheese

One of the more unusual cheeses to come in, this is intensely salty, but under the salt is an interestingly deep flavour that you do not get with most halloumis.

Due to us being in a hotel room when we tried it, we couldn't experiment with frying it, but I am sure that it would be quite awesome. As it stood, mixed with salad greens and slices of apple, it was delicious, and worth picking up if you spot it in the fridge cabinet.

Olympus cheeses are widely available in the Eastern States - http://www.olympuscheese.com.au/stockists/#retail


  1. Under normal circumstances, wouldn't you soak in water first?

  2. Joseph Ong I had not encountered that before! We'll have to try and find some over here in W.A. and give it another try! Thanks!


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