The worst of the worst of the 1940s. Welcome to Hushkoia!

The worst of the worst of the 1940s. Welcome to Hushkoia!

Originally shared by Winchell Chung

“Well we were hoping for something that looks really cool and everything and is really really fast, mmm, in fact would it be too much to ask for it to be fast enough that the closing speed between it and any potential target would be so high as to make it more or less impossible to aim and fire the guns at anything with any realistic chance of success? And could it have a cannon with a really low muzzle velocity to properly compound that problem? Also we were wondering if it might have no range at all, and it’d be good if we could have it land on a ski or something, preferably as a glider, and we want it to blow up all the time for no apparent reason so it’d be best if it was full of crazy volatile fuels. Oh and if possible we’d like the fuel to dissolve the pilot. Talking of the pilot we thought it might be nice to design in a terrifying aerodynamic flaw that will definitely kill him like maybe an unrecoverable dive if he lets the aircraft exceed Mach 0.84”


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