Horizontal and Vertical!

Horizontal and Vertical!

WPP2016 - Week 38 - Horizontal or vertical

+Ken Fowkes, Alen Ianni , Tim Kennedy , Robyn King , Rob Masters , Bernhard Rembold , Byron Sheldrick , Francesco Scaglioni , Alicia Smith , Grandma Snyder , Navin Upendran and Mary Wardell


The International Moth is one of the most amazingly insane sailing dinghies out there. A 'Development Class', it has gone from an overgrown plank with a sail to a stick on wings with a sail in the course of the last 20 years.

They are incredibly fast, and when they come a cropper, they really come a cropper!

This would be the first time I have set out to create a post-process composite from the outset. This is created from two shots, about 10 minutes and 1km apart of the same boat.

Edited in #pixlr for the composite and #snapseed to finish. Shot on a Nikon P900 at maximum zoom from the far side of the Swan River.


  1. What a great shot; perfect for the theme Rob Masters​​

  2. Well done on your composite, Rob Masters and it does work well for the theme.

  3. Such crazy boats, and a striking use of theme!


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