One aspect of the "positive" #tpp . Sounds great, doesn't it?

One aspect of the "positive" #tpp  . Sounds great, doesn't it?
via Scott Hamilton.
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Originally shared by Kerry Wright

Thought provoking cartoon from the USA. Could such a thing also happen in Australia, I wonder?

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  1. Well, given that a majority of Americans oppose such things as well (yeah,
    I know. They why do they keep electing those bozos to office?) and that
    American taxpayers are already on the hook for the damage they do to us, I
    don't think its fair to make us keep dishing out for these people who keep
    buying politicians and elections. And also given the fact that most of
    them are International companies (which allows them to evade taxes in
    multiple countries, they are a bit of an International problem.


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