A Symbol

A Symbol
WPP 2015 - Week 41 - Spring Autumn
Weekly Photo Project 2015 curated by Alen Ianni , Bernhard Rembold , Cliff Loresco , Francesco Scaglioni , Heather D , Ken Fowkes , Navin Upendran , Robyn King and T.E. Smith

As we march through the year from Djilba to Kambarang (take a look at Alicia Smith's Week 41 post to see what that means), we see our floral emblem - the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw - enter full bloom. There are several varieties of this flower, including green, yellow, and black species. All of them are stunning.

For this few short weeks, the south-west of Western Australia is a blaze of colour - and then, as suddenly as it begins, it is gone, with just a few dried-out Everlastings left behind in the heat of Birak and Bunuru as a reminder.


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