Nice photo, really dumb move.

Nice photo, really dumb move.

The young lady in the bottom right clearly has a death-wish.

One: Do not approach so close to seals. If they decide they don't like you, a seal bit is almost as nasty as a human bite, and often a lot deeper. And make sure you have an escape path. Also, approaching so close can disturb the (very recent) colony.
Two: The cliffs and rocks around Rottnest at notoriously unstable and prone to collapse - they put in reenforced barriers and walkways for a reason.
Three: Situational awareness - look around you often, and watch for what might be happening nearby. She never once looked up or behind herself.
Four: If you are going to do something this stupid, don't do it in thongs for crying out loud!

Shot from the Cathedral Rocks lookout.


  1. She could be one of those girls who are into biting?

  2. You guys get blue ring occys over there? because if so, that weed covered rock is an ideal place to tread on those too.

    She's an idiot regardless.

  3. Also she was by herself whilst engaging in these activities. We'd seen a dugite that day, quite possible to encounter one on the cliff!, and so had lots of other people on the island, they were quite active. shakes head

  4. Alicia Smith​ has just done a bit of googling for me, and at least one person reports a stonefish envenomation in Perth waters, too.

  5. Had to look "dugite" up, it's native to the West, no wonder I have never seen one.

  6. Rob Masters took a photo of the one he saw, perhaps he'll post it later for you Lordy


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