Roslyn Smith took Alicia Smith and I out to dinner tonight in Leederville.

Roslyn Smith took Alicia Smith and I out to dinner tonight in Leederville.

We browsed a few places - Sienna's had a very nice sounding GF pasta with four cheeses, walnuts, and other yummy stuff - but we eventually found ourselves standing outside a new arrival - Mon ( ) which had about half the menu with the magic "gfo" on it. 

Now Japanese cooking is pretty GF friendly - provided you avoid the normal soy sauce and the red and brown misos. And most of the noodles. And anything crumbed. So we were interested to see what came out.

We ordered the Edamame and the Lotus Chips - a yummy way to start - and the Yose-nabe (a combination hot-pot) with a side of steamed rice.

What a delicious meal! They used a GF tamari soy for the soup base, and the dish was packed with two huge prawns, massive chunks of tofu, sheets of salmon, and piles of chicken, not to mention a goodly serve of veggies.  Ros had hers with Udon noodles, while Leece and I had ours plain.

And that was just one option out of dozens.

We are looking forward to visiting there again.

As we wandered out, we came upon a new gelato place two or three doors down from Mon, called Gusto (
). An enquiry about GF options came back with a swift "Everything except things with baked goods in them." And they obsess about contamination - not just from the point of view of coeliac issues, but because they respect their products, and don't want the flavours getting muddied. This just happens to work out well for those of us with coeliac disease. 

And what wonderful gelato! Smooth, creamy, rich and not too sweet, it is an absolute treat. Again, we will be going back there!

All in all, a wonderful night out!


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