OK, I'm sorry, but I Want!

OK, I'm sorry, but I Want!

Originally shared by ThinkGeek

The ULTIMATE poseable figure - with 230 points of articulation! Action Hero Beach Blanket: http://j.mp/1PjdPC6


  1. Droool....so would love that towel! mary Zeman​ Mz Maau​ Bill Brown​ Gita Jaisinghani​

  2. Oh yes!! I would definitely love to have one.

  3. Mz Maau​​ Thinkgeek did say that if you did not use appropriate sun protection, you'd end up blister-packed!

  4. I hear you - being in South-west Australia, sun exposure is a high-risk activity for most people(1), and I do have quite fair skin, making me particularly vulnerable.

    I still want it though!

    (1) Typically, we have a 1-2 week period around the winter solstice when no UV alert period exists. The rest of the year it lasts anything from 2 hours to 11 hours of the day (mid-summer with UV risk levels of 13+).  Perversely, we are now getting some people with vitamin D deficiencies, as we are all that careful about sun exposure!


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