That's All Folks! The Weekly Photo Project 2014 is complete for me, with two days to go.

That's All Folks! The Weekly Photo Project 2014 is complete for me, with two days to go.

53 photos across 52 themes (I doubled up on week 23's theme of Silhouettes). Probably ten times that or more taken specifically 
with the project in mind. I've cheerfully used Google's AutoAwesome on several occasions, and reveled in the abilities of the G+ photo-editor, and the Android apps "Photo Editor" (there are two with the same name, and I use them both for different things). 

It was a tough year to be doing the project, with two major family disasters, but well worth it.

My thanks to the curation team of Thomas Gillingham , Maurice Loy  , Samantha OBrien , Navin Upendran , Andrew Dobrucki , Bernhard Rembold ,
Robyn King , Francesco Scaglioni , and ben wong . Your feedback has been very encouraging, and has kept me going.

I'm now looking forward to the Weekly Photo Project 2015, and another 52 photos. Who knows what else I might do?


  1. Nice to see your growth through out the year. 2014 was a great year, all because of dedicated folks like you!!!  Thanks much!!!

  2. A fine collection - am so glad that you felt that you got something positive out of the project.  :))

  3. Nice! Look forward to seeing more of your photos next year.

  4. Great collection of images Rob Masters. Well done.


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