Ooh! Look, Alicia Smith, our first digital camera!

Ooh! Look, Alicia Smith, our first digital camera!

We got ours for the 1999 Australian Worldcon. We've still got it. I'll have to pull it out and see if it still works.

Originally shared by Sarah Barber

Come on....... Who remembers these? Who had one?

No, this is not mine. Actually, I had never seen one so I documented the vintage piece!


  1. Used one a few times. Those were over $500 for the first ones!

  2. THAT is AWESOME! I remember seeing them. Never handled one though.

  3. had the next model myself used it for work. had it for 2 yrs before it got stolen

  4. And I had the mini CD version. I still have it, not sure if it still works though


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