Decembercon 2014 - the Christmas the WABA 12-hour December meeting, meeting for the Western Australian Boardgaming...

Decembercon 2014 - the Christmas  the WABA 12-hour December meeting, meeting for the Western Australian Boardgaming Association is always a special event. Come and have a look at some of what we got up to!

Sadly, I did miss one part of the event completely - the King of Tokyo tournament - 10? 12? tables playing, and people trying to squeeze in!

For me, most of the day was spent teaching and supervising Wings of Glory, where Alicia Smith and I had set up a 10 player dogfight scenario. We ended up with a total of 36 people playing across four games of it.

Other highlights were Wez Lamont's COGz preview and tournament, and the annual Dice Decathlon tournament.

We ended up with 124 people through the door, filled two rooms, and spilled out into the center's lobby for the COGz finals!


  1. The King of Tokyo "tournament" used some kind of speed rules that required you not to play King of Tokyo to win. Some people were familiar with these rules from BGG and had a head start.It was all over in less than 15 minutes.

  2. The rules are here for those who were interested in this crazy version. Positively manic, not quite my cup of tea, but I enjoyed myself.

  3. The strategy the winners used is roll for numbers only ... do nothing else. I had been looking for a couple of games of King of Tokyo but I would have been better off outside playing dice decathalon.

  4. My table said "Okay, now that's over, shall we play King of Tokyo?" Which we did and enjoyed.


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