The 2017 Weekly Photo Project is live!

The 2017 Weekly Photo Project is live!

Open to all photographers, of all skill levels, this project is a great way to improve your skills, and to connect with some amazing photographers all over the world.

Originally shared by Francesco Scaglioni

About the Weekly Photo Project 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Weekly Photo Project - it's open for all levels of photographers and you can join at any time!

The idea of the project is to have fun, whilst learning more about photography and your camera.

The idea is simple: each week you will try to take a new photograph based on a theme, executed any way you feel fit. The list of themes for the year and the copy / paste tags for each theme can be found in the Community

Try to take the photos weekly if possible (it is more fun that way - we don’t check exif data but “stockpiling” images in advance or raiding your archive would not be in the spirit of the project). The Project should not be a source of stress though: if you’re late then you’re late, if you miss a theme then you miss a theme, so what and no worries.


1) This is not about the camera or having expensive kit or being skilled at post-processing. Take all your photos on your phone if you wish - it's about your photo taken anyway and anyhow.

2) The project is not just for experienced photographers but for anyone who wants to have fun taking pictures.

3) Don’t feel intimidated or that you’re not good enough. This is designed to be a friendly place for all of us to enjoy.

Don’t just share your photos, comment and “plus” the photos of other participants as well, so that we can all learn and enjoy the process. We can no longer share a “Participants” circle as we have done in previous years due to changes in G+. If you want to keep up with other / non-project work from the Participants then you will need to add them individually to a circle. Please post your images Publicly as well as to the Community ( cannot be done at the same time unfortunately ) and please ensure all photos are tagged with the tags for that theme / week ( available in a section on the Community )

Please, share only your own work, as we cannot promote pictures from others than you! And it would be nice to avoid pictures with text, just your copyright or signature if you wish.

You can find the Community at


  1. Yay! I'm already a member!!! And I have a Discover pass, so I am going to get out more this year. And I started yesterday with a 3 mile hike. Still working on the photos. But, I got some really cool nature made abstracts!!

  2. Woo! I'm looking forward to your portfolio this year!


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