"Civic Sculpture"

"Civic Sculpture"

WPP 2015 - Week 49 - Repetitive
Weekly Photo Project 2015 curated by Alen Ianni , Bernhard Rembold , Cliff Loresco , Francesco Scaglioni , Heather D , Ken Fowkes , Navin Upendran , Robyn King and T.E. Smith

Ceiling decorations at a public open area in a new arcade in Perth. Surrounding the skylight are skyscrapers reaching UP , while the COLOUR/COLOR glass baffles provide LEADING LINES and REFLECTIONS, the lights give SYMMETRY, there is WATER on the glass roof from a passing rainstorm (you can just make out the CLOUDS AND SKY), and the REPETITIVE patterns complete the image.

So that's eight REPEATED themes in one :) (Can you find any more?)


  1. Does the area allow for wind? Cuz I bet they would sound pretty as well as
    look pretty.

  2. Sephi PiderWitch the area is pretty sheltered - it is a large alcove (if that makes any sense) off the side of the main arcade, so there is not much wind through it, so we don't get any cool whistling or humming sounds.

    Also, the baffles are (alas) bolted in place, not free-hanging, so no wind-chime effects either.


  3. Awesome work love this Rob!!! Rob Masters

  4. My pleasure Rob:-) Have a wonderful day!! Rob Masters

  5. Fantastic and a fine take on the theme :)


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