Take the few minutes to read this, it is not very long, but it is bang on target.

Take the few minutes to read this, it is not very long, but it is bang on target.

Originally shared by John Samuel

In view of recent terrorism at #plannedparenthood I think it is an appropriate time to repeat this rant.


  1. Actually, what is bang on target is this: Abortion is a medical
    procedure. No local, state or federal official should have the right to
    interfere with a legal medical decision between a doctor and patient. Nor
    should they be able to subject either to unnecessary, invasive, demeaning
    and oath breaking procedures without sound proven scientific basis
    warranting the necessity of such procedures. No woman should have to
    explain her reasons. And no insurance should be able to refuse to cover
    what is a sound medical procedure.

    See? Its really very simple. Medical procedure? Between doctor and
    patient. End of discussion.

  2. Sephi PiderWitch At the time I was mostly targeting the underlying assumptions about women implied by the type of legislation I was talking about.

    That said: I agree with everything you say here.

  3. I do understand John Samuel   My body should not be legislated.  My daughter's body should not be legislated. and it should never, ever be legislated by men!  We had stepped past this.  Now we are back to the same battlefields.  And sorry, but assumptions be damned!  Why do the assumptions only get attached to women?  Where are the assumptions for the behavior of the men?  There should never be a vaginal probe on a woman without an equal anal probe on the man that got her pregnant.  There should be no restrictions on women's reproductive rights that are not also on men's.  In other words, there should not be laws on people's bodies.  

    What was the word in the book I recently read???  Quickened.  Even in Victorian times, it wasn't considered viable until it quickened.  In the bible, it had to draw the first breath.  Oh, and a priest could administer an abortion.  

    I will not feel shame for feeling sexual, for feeling.  I will not feel guilt for acting on those feelings.  They are true, they are valid and they deserve to be acted on with consenting adults of my choosing.  We don't know if there is anything beyond this life.  I will NOT let some god's guilt prevent me from succoring every moment of it I can.

    Assumptions be damned.  Life should be lived.  Castrate the bastards.  :)

  4. I think a good story I have on this is that I was at the community center on the island and one of the ladies was complaining about how she shouldn't have to pay for girls to have sex with her tax dollars (birth control pills).  I tried to explain it to her that there were many reasons for prescribing birth control besides birth control and she went off on a religion spiel.  I walked away for a few moments and then went back a few minutes later.  I said "Excuse me, but do you take any prescription medication?"  She said, yes, she did, and why.  I asked her what it was for.  She told me she didn't think it was any of my business.  I looked at her for a moment and said, "You are correct.  It absolutely is not my business what you are taking or why you are taking it.  And neither is it your business with anyone else.  Its between a woman and her doctor."  Course she told me I was going to hell and she would pray for me.  I told her she was wasting her time and walked away.  No, I got nowhere with her, but a couple of other women later told me they had never thought of it that way and thanked me.

  5. Some people can be quick to judge they don't realize sometimes birth control pills are prescribed for hormone issues where the woman's body is having a problem with being correctly balanced. This causes a lot of physical issues and is very problematic if not treated with the pills.I don't think it is fair to judge another person in this way you don't know their situation or what they are going through.


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