Player's meeting, six holes, and the n a thunderstorm directly over the course stopped play.

We did lunch while the storm passed, and are heading back out now!
And another safety delay while a second storm passes by.

This is the first rain in 62 days...


  1. Woken about 03:45 by a huge crack of thunder. Had sound and light show for nearly 2 hours with rain arriving and then gradually becoming heavy near the end. Then there was a smaller repeat around 07:00. Much of the thunder was a crack rather than a boom. Not enough sleep!

  2. it was a bit scary a 6 am halfway through my 90 min morning walk when the thunder seemed to right over head even though the sky seemed mainly clear

  3. We had multiple strikes less than 1 second away. Very scary when you're out on any sort of golf course!
    We were recalled immediately after the first 3 second strike, but we had at least one right over us while we trooped back.


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