... I cannot really expand on this...

... I cannot really expand on this...

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Dear Internet,

Stop assuming that everyone is in the USA. This means when you write articles like 'Google Glass is available to everyone today!' - its not, its only available to the USA.
When you  do things like 'Its Pi Day!' or  'its Palindrome week!' - again, its not, its only in the USA where the date format is backwards.

When you have a hangout, meeting, or request work online. When somebody asks your time zone, please be specific  - 'east coast' is not a timezone, neither is 'Pacific' (I live in the pacific!)
Even saying 'CST' can be anything from -6 to +8 hours since there are multiple time zones using that abbreviation (http://www.timeanddate.com/library/abbreviations/timezones/ )

Yours Sincerely
Annoyed and needing coffee


  1. Timezones yeah ... my bugbear. We could have our own PI day on the 22nd July. Then only the countries that use YYYY/MM/DD or local calendars are left out.


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