Petite Fromage - Cambray Cheese

Petite Fromage - Cambray Cheese

Cambray Cheese's Petite Fromage are a delight not to be missed.

We were introduced to these wonderful miniature white-mould cheese by the lovely folks at the Lakeside Restaurant at the Karri Valley Resort near Pemberton.

There they served them baked and topped with honey and hazelnuts - a magnificent and simple dish that serves as a dessert or entree. Following a tip from the restaurant, we dry pan-fried ours - and you can see the result!

The cheese itself is a white-mould wrapped bundle of delicious ooze - stunning with honey, nuts, dried fruits and the like.

One of the finest white-mould cheeses I have ever encountered.

Cambray Cheese products are available through selected outlets in the Perth metro area and in the South-West.


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