Anyone with gluten, wheat, and/or dairy issues should know about this.

Anyone with gluten, wheat, and/or dairy issues should know about this.

If you are in Perth, that is!

Originally shared by Alicia Smith gluten free expo coming up next month.


  1. Thanks for this so very much.8 year old daughter going in for gastroscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow to check and confirm coeliac disease.good timing thanks.

  2. Ouch! I'm sorry your little girl is having to go through the whole thing. On the upside, if it is caught this early, the damage it can cause will be limited.
    Don't forget that if she turns up positive, you and the rest of your family should get at least antibody tests done as well, as it is partly genetic.
    Also on the upside, GF alternatives are coming down in price, and up in availability. And the Coeliac Society is a wonderful help.

  3. Rob Masters thanks will be a relief to finally know what is causing the immense stomach pain.her brothers have suggested that if a horror movie is auditioning soon she should apply for the part of the screaming girl- she lets us and the entire neighborhood know when its hurting.had to go the GF road about 12 years ago with my son who ended up with an allergy to gluten not coeliac disease.he has grown out of it . ill never forget the bread from then though, great toasted but not for sandwhiches for school!!!!!

  4. Oww!
    As far as bread goes, that has improved lots. The Helga's GF range is pretty good for commercial bakery stuff, but you should also check out Strange Grains for a treat. They win at the Royal Show against normal breads!


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