Wow. This guy actually gets it. And has the clarity of vision to see where it is going. A pity most of his peers will dismiss him.

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Memo form a zillionaire to the others:


  1. That's a great article, thanks for sharing

  2. I wonder what he's doing about it...

  3. Well he seems to have been involved in getting the minimum wage raised in Seattle. An act local type.

  4. it all right for a mega corp with their scales of efficiency to pay at high rates.
     but the fact is most small employers have their finances on a knife edge. Any movement in the minimum wage causes real problems. Just lifting the super rate can cause you to make difficult decisions on the number of people you can afford to employ.
    As a founder of amazon a prime cause of the closure of thousands bookshops and small retailers causing the unemployment of tens of thousands.who couldn't  compete with their predatory low cost online setups.
    No wonder he is worried about pitchforks.
    It's alright for him to champion the raising of minimum wages so people but he is only using the big companies for examples who in america exploit the poor for mega profits.

    There are others out there who have to match higher wages or you can't get workers who are bound by fixed costs that can't be avoided who are often competing with mega corps that cut prices or online suppliers with no physical premises to maintain who outsource and employ practically no one.

  5. Sorry if that seems a bit harsh as im fundamentally supportive of a liveable minimum wage but people like him who gained all at the expense of the middle class he purports to support annoy me.

  6. Minimum wage in Australia is considerably more than that of the U.S so it's laudable that he's seeking to improve it there. In Australia for adults not covered by an award or agreement, the minimum wages is A$16.37 per hour, so it's perhaps not as urgent. In the U.S, The federal minimum wage in the United States is US$7.25 per hour which today converts to about AUD$7.60.

  7. It's not the minimum wage that the problem for me as he is right about that. it's the fact after making his money after destroying the livelihood of 10's of thousands jobs and thousands of businesses primarily working class and middle class people that annoys me.  he sits on his yacht and tells large bricks and mortar retailers to do better.
    It does not mean anything if he could do hardware online like he did Amazon he would have destroyed those business too.

  8. Granted I am guilty of buying audio books from audible/amazon but i have gone back to buying physical books where possible and trying to support the last bookshop in my area.


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