An extra-special edition of Caption My Caption today!

An extra-special edition of Caption My Caption  today!

Originally shared by Caption My Caption

Round 72

With very special Guest Judge, Sauber F1 Team 

If you'd like to be notified for each new #CaptionMyCaption round, please leave a comment here ( or simply just circle Caption My Caption 

Take a look at this image and provide a caption by commenting below, and don't forget to give a +1 to any of the other comments that you find amusing. The winner is the person with the most +1s on their comment. Feel free to +1 and/or share the post itself, if you so choose, just to let me know if you like the image or not and to expand the game just that little bit more.

The #CaptionMyCaption  Leaderboard -

( Image via Daily Mail )


  1. Thanks for the reshare, Rob Masters

  2. If I can't get around, I'm going over!

  3. Great song! !!!!
    "Oh so H isnt for high speed or hyper drive. ..its for hovercraft! !"

  4. Hover race car goes, "Heeeellllpppp!!!!!"


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