So we went to a quiz night tonight.

So we went to a quiz night tonight. 110 tables of 8. $38 tickets. 8 rounds of timed multiple choice questions. And by timed, I mean you got 10 seconds from the end of the reading - and your score depended not only on being right, but on how fast you answered.

It was organised by Mix 94.5's breakfast crew as a fundraiser for Telethon, and PMH. 

And it was extraordinary fun, even if most of the questions were either sport, pop music, or Telethon history!  The only downside was the sound system, which was very echo-y, but at least the questions also came up on the big screen. 

The evening was run at a cracking pace, even with a half hour break in the middle, and the table we were on was awesome. We ended up in 18th place (not bad out of 110), and managed to pick up a couple of minor prizes from one of the raffle-ish competitions.

Congratulations to Table 2 (whoever you were) on your win, and also to the major raffle prize winner Chris someoneorother. 

A great night out, and we raised (between us) some AUD10000 for PMH.


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