#fivedayquest Day 3.

#fivedayquest Day 3.
Preparing for the Open - Part 2 - Supplies!
Food for two for a long weekend, plus stove and billy.
As a coeliac, I have to be especially careful of my food supplies, and so I'm packing a full set of meals for Alicia Smith and I, just in case the tournament can't supply us suitable meals.

Thanks for getting me into this, Sian Ridden


  1. Nice to see real tea in there! Is it twinings Russian caravan or similar? ?? I understand about the food- one of my sons was gluten and cows milk protein intolerant growing up . thankfully he's over the worst of it, but won't forget the texture of the gluten free bread available ten years ago..... more like cake!! But delicious toasted!!

  2. Yep, it is Russian Caravan - one of my two favourite teas, along with Prana Chai. I'll give most teas a go, mind. Lansang, Prince of Wales, BOP, Pu-eh, even some of the herbals (although I do like my caffine). I'm also quite fond of Rooibos.

    The modern GF breads are a mixed lot - the Pure Bred brand do great rolls, but their loaves leave something to be desired. Country Life do one that you would not think was GF, but the Bohdis ones are still very cake-y. At the other end of the scale, you have Strange Grains, who win prizes at the Show against normal bread!


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