#fivedayquest Day 2.

#fivedayquest Day 2.
Preparing for the Open.
Re-packing my large disc bag with my best understood discs, ready for the Perth Disc Golf Open this weekend. Also making sure there was room in it for my HS10!

Thanks Sian Ridden!

Dryade Geo - I choose you for the quest. Just follow these clues for a fun and challenging time. (You'll most likely be the only person other than Alicia Smith I ping for this.)
1 Post one photo a day from your daily life, for five days
2 Tag each post with #fivedayquest 
3 Tag and invite a friend to join each day (optional, IMHO)
4 Mention the friend that originally invited you, but first and foremost, have fun! we want to see glimpses of your world!


  1. Frisbees? ??? My son and nephew competed in a competition through uwa last year. Had tons of fun.do I remember rightly that you attended wait?? When was that and what did you study?

  2. Sian Ridden They were likely playing Ultimate. Cool. As for WAIT, I was there 83 to 85 studying MultiDisc Science in Comp Sci, Maths, and Psych.

  3. Rob Masters my brother was there about the same time as you, doing a psychology degree. we used to train in the cafeteria after hours with our judo club!!!! only place i've ever broken a bone!!!

  4. Rob Masters i finished high school in 1986 and went to  churchlands to study teaching, but still kept up the judo.have a great rest of the week. love your posts from the five day quest.


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