#WeeklyPhotoProject2014 Weekly Photo Project 2014 curated by

#WeeklyPhotoProject2014  Weekly Photo Project 2014  curated by
Thomas Gillingham , Maurice Loy  , Samantha OBrien , Navin Upendran , Andrew Dobrucki , Bernhard Rembold ,
Robyn King , Francesco Scaglioni , 
ben wong
Week 12 : Sky / Clouds

"Just another bloody beautiful Western Australian sunset..."

Having missed two days of thunderstorms, I have to console myself with some of the aftermath.


  1. Superb colors and clouds Rob Masters

  2. Indeed a  beautiful Western Australian sunset!!!

  3. I like th e fact that you have kept the land out of the picture, lovely shot.

  4. Thank-you Francesco Scaglioni, credit where it is due - the idea of framing above the horizon came from my brilliant wife, Alicia Smith.


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