#WeeklyPhotoProject2014  Weekly Photo Project 2014  curated by
Thomas Gillingham , Maurice Loy  , Samantha OBrien , Navin Upendran , Andrew Dobrucki , Bernhard Rembold ,
Robyn King , Francesco Scaglioni , 
ben wong
Week 11 : Rule of Thirds

A fairly basic application of the Rule of Thirds, and not really a very interesting one. On the other hand, the Cottesloe Pylon is a favourite subject of mine, and it was particularly photogenic this evening with a brewing thunderstorm across the sunset forming the backdrop.

Behind me, there are dozens of other photographers taking shots of the various installations that make up http://www.sculpturebythesea.com/ for 2014.


  1. Lovely color and a fine example of the theme.

  2. Thanks everyone! Bernhard Rembold, it was the colours that prompted me to take the shot!

  3. Classic interpretation.  It is always fun to revisit favourite subjects :)

  4. Beautiful west Australian sunset!!!

  5. Gorgeous shot Rob love this!!! Rob Masters


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