OK, this is just something I made up... if it happens IT IS NOT MY FAULT, OK?

OK, this is just something I made up... if it happens IT IS NOT MY FAULT, OK?

Come the next election, Labor gets stomped, but not quite as badly as everyone expects.

Abbot forms a standard Coalition government, and denies Turnbull a Cabinet position.

Turnbull, starts behind-the-scenes politicking, but realizes he cannot get the support he needs for a challenge, but does garner some very loyal support.

Come April, just before the Budget is being prepared, he and a goodly number of his supporters cross the floor in exchange for the Deputy and a number of Cabinet positions, precipitating a mid-term change of government.

One year later, he is offered the role of PM by a retiring Gillard, and takes Labor to victory in the next election.



Variation: He moves to the cross-bench and the Greens, and forms a formal Labor/Green Coalition.


  1. It will be so totally your fault.

  2. Do you think if we spread this idea far and wide that appropriate ears/eyes will find it and act on it? And if we do, would it still be Rob's fault?

  3. Go ahead :) And yes, it will be!

  4. night after night after night of the longknives


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