I refuse to admit to any or all of these :)

I refuse to admit to any or all of these :)

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A NOT SO SERIOUS   question for you. You  may find you fall into more than one category.  Feel free to re-share.

1. Down on bended knee type. Generally friendly family orientated person who  likes to take pics of children and furry animals at their own level.  Or, madly in love , about to propose to their childhood sweetheart and become a  friendly family orientated person.

2. Lying on stomach and elbows  like a stranded whale type. Being unable to move easily likes to take macro shots of things that  also do not move. From  small pretty  flowers,  to mushrooms, dead grasshoppers and the like. Rarely moves beyond their garden.  Is prone to put on weight. Alternatively is taking images for   #shoesmonday  

3. Lying on back architectual type. Just loves those converging verticals of skyscraper shots. Alternatively is just simply too drunk.to stand.

4. Close to nature type 1.  Camera + adapter + telescope + armoured people carrier.  Wants to take head shots of lions  in the wild without being eaten. Risk adverse.

5. Close to nature type 2. Camera +portrait lens.+studio.  Takes images of naked ladies. The prospect of being eaten alive might be considered  attractive. Potential thrill seeker.
6. Religious HDR type. Having a halo is close to Nirvana.

7. Typical  landscape type. Unable to photograph outside the golden hour and without three additional legs.  Never at home when he is needed. Often complains about the weather  to  his family. High divorce rate.  

8. Traditional  landscape arty  type.  Can only use a  whole plate view camera. Waits for the right moment when the light is perfect. Spends most of life meditating waiting for the right moment.  Very low output, but charges a whole lot of money for the prints.   Has a sense of nostalgia for the wet collodion process. Never heard of digital.  Rarely goes home. Either single or is about to be.

9. Alternative Reality types. Things are not what they seem. Anything from abstracts to alien abductions to trying to  replicate a 1970's style LSD trip. Usually has a lust for Photoshop

10. Worn out travel type or photo journalist. Chronic backache due to  curvature of the spine  and one shoulder lower than the other from carrying those heavy holdalls across the world.  Sometimes in distress at airports when camera gear is misdirected to another continent. Rarely goes home and takes lots of painkillers.  Unshaven. Often found consoling themselves in airport or hotel bars. 

11. Ballsy, macho, boastful type.  Usually wears a tee shirt with logos like "I shoot with a Canon" or "Have you seen my long tom?" or "I am Awesome" Either single, or ought to be.
12. Partially deluded type. Believes the only true camera is a Nikon

13. Completely deluded type. Believes the only camera is an iphone.
14. Rangefinder Snob. Will only be seen out and about with a Leica M and  Summicron 50mm f/2 lens. Dressed to impress. Often to be seen parading in the arm of a model with a small dog. Takes one roll of film a year. 

15. New gear fanatic. More   "must have it" geek freak  than photographer.  Constantly putting in pre-orders with Amazon. They love him. Then sells last months gear on Ebay to finance the addiction. Ebay loves him too. It is always a "him".  Will probably eventually file for bankruptcy. Meanwhile currently salivating uncontrollably about  Google Glass. Single, takes company with  Geeks Anonymous. Can't afford a family or rather they can't afford him. 
16. Street photographer type 1. Furtive, secretive, hides in the shadows,cougar like,  the subjects never know they are there.

17. Street photographer type 2. Lurks in the shadows for a single subject,  then jumps out  with a flash or a strobe only to be gone again. Subject walks around in circles disorientated  as if hit by a lightning strike. 

18. Street photographer type3. Laid back indeed often laid out. Sits on park benches and waits for people to pass by. Prone to put on weight and never far from a coffee shop, bar, or horseburger takeaway.

19. Selfie type. A Google+ addiction for some. Starts off with the face then spreads to other parts of the anatomy.  Anything  is possible and legs are very popular, especially in nylon,  but  show anything nipple-like  Google + is prone to go Google x  and the image is gone.

NOT RECOGNISED YOURSELF YET ? You must be someone very specialised or special  in Google+ photo circles or simply in denial.  An instant invite to describe your type  in the comments below. I  can always update the list :))

As for me well I am mainly an uncomfortable  mix  of 16. and 18. with a dash of 3. for good measure :))
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