Autumn Dawn

Autumn Dawn
#WeeklyPhotoProject2013 curated by 
Andrew Willard , Iain Harley and  Tiina Niskanen
Weekly Photo Project 2013
Week 11: Spring or Autumn

Not much this week, just a sign of the changing seasons, and a sunrise over the Darling Scarp, shot as I walked to my morning bus, looking out across the suburbs.


  1. Beautiful colours mate. I am a sucker for the shadowed land in the foreground.

  2. Thanks for the comments Joe Donovan Dave Renz Tery Higgins and Alicia Smith !
    I have been trying to avoid sunsets/rises for this project - but I was stuck for inspiration this week, and it was a beautiful sunrise. I do confess to a little post-processing of the colours, though :)

  3. Post processing is a part of photography mate. Don't feel ashamed it's a good job.

  4. Joe Donovan actually I'm pretty pleased with it! It reminds me a bit of the Rage! opening credits :) 

    And am rather pleased with the result of my minimal retouching - cropping aside, all I have done is some gamma correction on the sky portion. What I think is really cool, though, is that I was able to do all my post-processing on my 7" tablet!


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