Experimenting with solargraphy

 I've been playing with some alternative photography methods for a few months now, and I've got a can-camera set up in the back yard. It will be ready to hatch in about another nine months. But I wanted to see something sooner, so I picked up some 3.5"x5.5" photographic paper (which perfectly fits a standard drink can), and built another one.

This one stayed out for only three days, but the results look very cool!

Ilford Mulitgrade IV Glossy, 3 day exposure, edited in Snapseed

The bright line at the far left is the sun trail, and there is a reflection of it on the right, but still a very neat effect. The black line is a powerline in front of the house, distorted by the curved paper. 

I think I'll put a new one up under our weather station :)


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