SFF Music Video of the Week - #40

Wow... 40 weeks in...

OK,this week I have a treat for me. One of the best bands of the 80s  that the 2000's produced.

Hailing from my home state (well, one of them anyway), these folks are an icon of the Australian music scene.

Formed as a duo from two other bands (at least - if you've not been in at least 4 bands with overlapping members in Australia, you're just not trying), The Sleepy Jacksons and Pnau, they embraced the 80s New Wave, and never looked back.

They have embraced genre as a way of life, and their stage shows reputedly reflect that.

This video was shot up in Lancenlin and Cervantes, a few hours north of where I live. It is dream-like, fantastic, and just all-round amazing. I hope everyone enjoys "Standing On The Shore", from 2009, by the inimitable Empire Of The Sun.


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