Non alcoholic cocktails #1

A classic of Italian culture is the Campari & Gin - but this is not the better known Negroni, which adds Vermouth.

I do not drink - but I also welcome the chance to drink something not sweet.

Enter Lyres Spirits. They produce a wide variety of what can only be called non-alcoholic spirits. As much as a contradiction as that may sound, they have created a wide variety of drinks that mimic classic spirits.

So, here's my take on an Italian classic:
15ml Aperitif Rossi
30ml Dry London Spirit
Splash of soda
1 cherry to garnish (or a slice of capsicum, or an olive)

Shake or stir the not-spirits, pour into an old-fashioned tumbler with a little ice, and add soda and garnish.

The end result is dry and fragrant, with a hint of bitter, and a warm after-glow. All of this makes for a drink that is at once soothing and inspiring. Just the ticket to end off a hard day's server-wrangling, or to start off a new blog series.


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