Non alcoholic cocktails #3

A twofer this time.

Part 1:
Beetle Bailey Cream
6 parts single (whipping) cream
2 parts Lyres American Malt
1/2 part thin Chocolate syrup (e.g. Monin, or the now discontinued Alchemy Divine)

Combine and stir to mix. I am reliably informed that it tastes at least as good as a certain named Irish Cream.

Serve as-is or...

Part 2:

YB35 (because it is 2/3 of a B52)
15 ml Lyres Coffee Liqueur
15 ml  Beetle Bailey Cream

Pour the Coffee Liqueur into a shot glass or shot martini glass. Gently spoon the Beetle Bailey cream on top so that it forms a distinct layer.

The result is rich, slightly sweet, and full of the caramel malt coffee you would hope for in such a drink.

As I did not have any orange-based not-spirits to hand, this is where I stopped, hence the YB35. If you were to add a third layer of such, I would then call it a Valkyrie (the XB-70).


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