SFF Music Video of the Week - Rejected Part 1

In amongst all the SFF music videos out there, there's always a group of videos that are not going to make the cut. They might have a genre sensibility, but are not actually genre themselves.

Quite a few of these are thoroughly excellent videos in themselves, and so I'm going to share a few of them tonight.

First up is Marian Call's "Good Morning Moon". I had to think long and hard about this one, but ultimately it is all about something real, not fiction. So here is her ode to the ISS.

Next up we have one of Lindsay Stirling's many collaborations, this one with The Piano Guys. An homage to, and cover of Mission Impossible, it still does not quite transition across into SFF. But it is amazing to watch, and the music is wonderful!

Moving on we get La Roux, and "In for the Kill", which despite a deep Bladerunner aesthetic never quite tips over the edge.

Next is another one I had to think very hard about which side of the fence it was on. The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights" is set in a chip foundry, and features one of the most eloquent unrequited love stories ever filmed. But, despite the technology, and a very evocative long zoom, it is not SFF. But it is very, very cool.

So there you go. four examples of things that are not quite SFF music videos, but still embrace the feel of the genre. Next time I do this, I'll travel a bit further back, and look a some of the 80's videos (amongst others) that likewise seize the mood of SFF, but don't quite step into it. 


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