SFF Music Video of the Week #33

So we've had a couple of rather sombre weeks, let's pick up the pace with a track that we first encountered via the game Just Dance. This one had quite an energetic set of moves, making it great for an aerobic workout, the visuals were (ahem) cool.

In fact, before we go on, here they are:

The song itself is rather good, too. Intriguing lyrics, Sia's amazing voice, and a compelling dance beat. So we went looking for the original video, and what a treat it is.

Let's open with some Bronze-age hunters, proto-Vikings perhaps, chasing a wolf across the ice. A great visual statement, hints of the wolf having already been wounded, and a full-team dog sled in full flight to round out the imagery.

So, very cool, but not especially SFFish.

Right up until the chase hits the rocks, and the hunters think they've got the wolf cornered. Because then something weird happens. With with music beat becoming visualised in the rocks and ice, you'd think that it was just a cool visual effect, but then the beats in the rock and ice disintegrate the hunting party.

Yep, the wolf appears to be a magical wolf.

Now we reset, but this time we've got mounted Vikings chasing the same wolf. They get closer, but ultimately suffer the same fate.

And then the wolf transforms into a somewhat bloodied young woman. A werewolf with magic? A mage with a transformation ability? Who knows. And we should not forget the second wolf lurking in the wings, either.

Whatever the explanation, it all adds up to very powerful video, and an awesome entry into this series. Now enjoy David Guetta and Sia's "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)", from 2012.


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