SFF Music Video of the Week - #30

Advances in CGI in the 90s led to a spate of CGI-based SFF-inspired videos. Combine this with boy bands and house music and you get things like this offering of Eiffel 65.

Musically it is ... well let's be honest and say that it is not exactly Mike Oldfield, and the lyrics are not Bob Dylan. It is, however annoyingly catching, and extremely danceable. The video, meantime, is odd, to say the least. One part alien kidnapping, one part arcade fighting game, and one part concert video, it really is something of a creation of its time.


  1. It took two decades to get this earworm out of my head. Aaaarrrgh it's back!
    Still cool animation and the singer's double take at the audience always makes me laugh.


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