So, let's see if I've got this right?

So, let's see if I've got this right?

Minister Potato of the Department of Home Affairs is using a successful intelligence operation as grounds for needing a backdoor into encryption systems for the intelligence groups. You know, the ones that just identified an attack before it could happen.

The sheer level of double-think in that astounds even a dedicated cynic like me. Even allowing for the fact that the Potato is ex-Queensland Police.

And then there's his desire to pre-emptively deport people accused of crimes...

The Law Council has (as almost certainly the High Court will) Things To Say about that.


  1. The states are reportedly concerned too.

  2. Let's be accurate though, it's really his desire to pre-emptively deport BROWN people!

  3. I'm just thinking about the whole "Remove citizenship from people accused of serious crimes" thing.

    Accused. Not found guilty, not even charged. Accused.

    Let's see how that plays out...

    Mr Leader of the Opposition, you stand accused of (say) Conspiracy to Murder, we are therefore stripping you of your citizenship. You are no longer eligible to sit in Parliament.

    Now no murder has been committed, no evidence has been produced, no charges laid, and all of a sudden a political opponent is thrown out of parliament (and probably the country).

    Mr. High Court Judge ... you are accused...

  4. I wonder when the last time he was convicted for the crime of exceeding the posted speed.

  5. Additionally, any time a government says that they're doing something under the guise of safety, beware.


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