Via Shar Banning and Kee Hinckley

Via Shar Banning and Kee Hinckley

JMS talks about co-creating the original She-Ra and the berks making a big deal of the reboot.

Yes, you read that right - JMS co-created the original She-Ra with Larry DiTillio.

Unusually, read the comments - some are absolute gold, with discussions of Sensible Armour, speculation about what the original name would have been before Mattel stepped in, and Ivanova.


  1. Following him was one of the best Twitter-related decisions I've made!

  2. Thanks for this. The new She-Ra doesn’t particularly interest me but damn it’s hard to not get excited when so many people I follow on twitter are jumping up and down squeeing in joy. I hope it’s all they’re expecting and more. Not just for their sakes but to put the whiny man babies back in their boxes.


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