The '36' Walk, Constrain, Compose, Click - just like the old days!

The '36' Walk, Constrain, Compose, Click - just like the old days!

Join Rob Masters and Alicia Smith for a walk around Mill Point, exploring the hidden back streets and the sweeping views of South Perth. After, join us at one of the multitude of cafes, bars, and restaurants on Mends St for a drink and/or a bite.

We will start and end at the shelter at the foot of the Mends St jetty.

The idea is to limit yourself to 36 shots, just like you had a roll of film. You might even decide to shoot film!

If you share your photos, please tag them with #36photo and #36photo2017

The original post for this global event is here:


  1. Some of us are planning on dinner at Mister Walker's (on the Mends St Jetty) after the walk - let us know if you want to join us.

    In other news, we are endeavouring to make the route wheel-chair friendly, in case there is anyone with wheels who wants to come.

  2. Sorry that I could not make it due to not sleeping much last night. I wasn't able to take my name off the list because I had no Internet connection again today. That's whyy i sent a text.

  3. Thanks to everyone who came along today. What we packed in quantity, I think we made up for in quality!

    When you come to post your images, please remember to say a little about why you took that shot, and what you were aiming for at the time.


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