Christo's latest installation.

Christo's latest installation. I particularly like the way it gently slopes into the water, giving a sense of a beach, rather than a pier.

Originally shared by Heidemarie Kueck

"The Floating Piers"

Visitors at San Paolo.

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  1. Thanks, Rob Masters, the floating piers truly had the character of a beach somehow. But then again they were different because they were stable but also flexible. You could feel the movements of the lake's surface under your feet.

  2. That's amazing, Heidemarie Kueck​! I wish I was there!

  3. Yeah, it was like a big happening. People from all over the world were walking over the piers. Also handicapped in a wheel chair, kiddies in trolleys, dogs and swans were on the piers, it was peaceful and pure magic and I loved it.
    We deliberately planned our holidays travelling around the north of Italy to be able to visit this installation. Some people might shake their heads but for me it was worth it.


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