"Five Remixes of Two Photos"

"Five Remixes of Two Photos"
WPP 2015 - Week 20 - Playing with light
Weekly Photo Project 2015 curated by Alen Ianni , Bernhard Rembold , Cliff Loresco , Francesco Scaglioni , Heather D ,  Ken Fowkes ,  Navin Upendran  , Robyn King and T.E. Smith

This started life as a couple of light trail studies in an attempt to inspire myself for this theme. Taken at my local train station waiting for the train to work, and then edited in Snapseed while on the train to the office. Then I saved them in an album and shared that as a sort of plea for inspirational comments. 

Then I looked at the album summary display - and the idea of using AutoAwesome to generate a collage of the edited shots burst into being. A couple of tries later - and you get this rather oddball submission. 

The title is inspired by the title of OK Go's album "Twelve Remixes of Four Songs".


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