Thanks to John Samuel for the alert.

Thanks to John Samuel for the alert.

Sadly the tweets are accurate, and Spaceship Two (but not White Knight Two) has suffered a catastrophic failure, and crashed. At least one pilot ejected, but only one has survived, albeit with major injuries.

I hope the survivor recovers, and my deepest sympathies to the families and everyone at Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites.

Originally shared by John Samuel

I'm seeing reports on twitter of a failure of SpaceshipTwo with possible loss of life.

Sympathies to the families involved.

I'm still hopeful that this will be unsubstantiated, but I'm increasingly fearful that it IS true (multiple sources are reporting). A bad week for aerospace.


  1. DAMN IT.

    The one time, the ONE TIME, I hope that twitter gets it wrong it doesn't. :(


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