#WeeklyPhotoProject2014 Weekly Photo Project 2014 curated by

#WeeklyPhotoProject2014  Weekly Photo Project 2014  curated by
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"Rush Hour"

I was brewing a migraine, so Alicia Smith picked me up from work in the evening. Our commute takes us through the "Polly Pipe", so named for Graham "Polly" Farmer, for whom the Graham Farmer Freeway is named. To try and distract myself, I took a few shots, and produced this very SFinal result.


  1. That's what I imagine a migraine would look like!

  2. My own visual disturbances don't get that exciting, alas. All I get is a heightening of my mild hypersensitivity to light into a full on "turn off that tiny red LED in the corner of the room that I can still see through the pillow" grade of photophobia. 

    I took this shot before it got to that stage :)

  3. I was a migraine sufferer and if mine had a look, this would be it.  I hope yours passed quickly!

  4. Yep, looks like Perth drivers! Hehehe

    Neat capture

  5. That's a fun shot. Looks like when my kids play Need for Speed.

  6. Great fun shot - works well for the theme :))


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