Seen via many friends. Boosting the signal.

Seen via many friends. Boosting the signal.

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"According to this definition, metadata is not what you type on a device or say over the phone, but rather the footprint that's left behind. For instance, when you use a phone or mobile, this includes the number called, the location from which the call is made, and the duration of the call", writes Ben Grubb and James Massola in the Sydney Mornig Herald.


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  1. stupid idea the previous gov wanted it uk gov wants it  all gov's want it.
    BUT how are they going to monitor 23 million people they can't
    If a person of interest pops up it won't because of metadata it will because of something else. If a person is going to do harm he won't be using the net openly to communicate anyway. Existing laws cover everything needed now.
    so in reality they will be monitoring ordinary people doing ordinary things for no good reason.
    Pathetic doing what the left would normally do in a knee jerk reaction.


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