Week 35 Sep 2 Metal

Week 35 Sep 2    Metal
#WeeklyPhotoProject2014  Weekly Photo Project 2014  curated by
Thomas Gillingham , Maurice Loy  , Samantha OBrien , Navin Upendran , Andrew Dobrucki , Bernhard Rembold ,
Robyn King , Francesco Scaglioni , ben wong 
Week 35 : Metal
"Strong Tea"

Cast iron teapot, at the Naked Fig, Swanbourne.


  1. Fine pot for the theme and I like the colours and the DoF re the back grounnd :)

  2. Wonderful pot!!!!! Great image too!

  3. Great restaurant, too. They've got one down in North Coogee. Well worth visiting (going on the other two).

  4. That's a teapot I would like to own! I'm glad you chose to include so much of the interiors, it adds a nice context :)


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